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So much more than just a ski destination!

New Zealand has been voted the most beautiful country in the world more than any other country on Earth. It is truly a special place that all adventure seekers and nature lovers must visit in their lifetime.  

While most of what you see online can be experienced quite easily on your own, the rest of the New Zealand iceberg is a lot more difficult to access. The most exclusive locations in New Zealand can only be accessed via helicopter or by multiple days of rugged backcountry travel. With generally moderate temperatures August and September offer the most diversity for activities. Heli skiing, mountain biking, hiking, golfing, and even surfing can all be done during these months.


Aurora Backcountry offers 100% private charter heli ski packages. We fly out of Glenorchy located on the north tip of Lake Wakatipu perfectly situated near the most diverse terrain in New Zealand. From here you can experience true freedom of travel in all directions, ski on the best snow, even surf the wild west coast all in the same day.

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