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Ski bottomless powder, eat amazing food, and experience true Japanese ski culture

The first thing that a skier or snowboarder thinks when they hear the word Japan is riding the world's deepest powder. There is a reason that Japan has been on people's radar the past decade. The amount of snow that falls on the Japanese Alps and on the island of Hokkaido is unfathomable unless you go and see it with your own eyes.

Over the last 10 years there has been a boom in visitors and guiding companies offering the "Japow experience". It can be hard to decide which company or guide to choose, especially when they all offer the same product. At Aurora Backcountry we believe that the guiding is the most important aspect in creating quality. Our Japan Backcountry Packages are designed with quality in mind. This means you get exceptional accommodation, amazing food, the best skiing, and above all, quality guiding. 


All of our Japan packages are backcountry focused, meaning that we try to avoid the crowded ski hills at all cost. We do occasionally use them for backcountry access or if it happens to be an exceptionally deep powder day. Check out our carefully tuned Japan packages below and come ski the quality!

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