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  • What fitness level is required for your trips?
    We have different skill levels on all our trips and most of them we can accomodate any type of previous experience. For everyone to enjoy the trip to it's fullest we require a certain amount of experience on the open trips, but we can customize a trip just for your needs!
  • What gear do I bring?
    After booking your trip we will send you a package with all the additional information you need for for your trip. A gear list included.
  • What's your Cancellation Policy?
    Great question! You can find our cancellation policy HERE. Please also make time to read about Trip Cancellation Insurance on the same page. We highly recommend getting that for everyones protection.
  • Do you provide Trip Cancellation Insurance?
    Yes, we can provide you with insurance if you are Canadian or coming to Canada. Read more about that HERE. If that doesn't apply to you we recommend paying for your trip with a credit card that offers Trip Interuption Insurance.
  • Do I need to Sign a Waiver?
    Yes you do. All participants need to sign the participation agreement at the time of booking and then a paper waiver on or before day 1 of their trip. The waiver can be viewed here
  • What's your Guide to Guest ratio?
    It varies between different trips, but our max is 6:1.
  • Are flights included in the price?
    No. This gives you the option to source out your own deals and extend your trip to accomodate for more adventure.
  • What's the accomodation like?
    We do our best to find the best value accomodation around that we are certain is gonna fit our needs and the trip. If you have any specific requests or wishes please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.
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