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The first hotels built for mountain exploration

The Banff Springs Hotel, The Chateau Lake Louise, and Glacier House where the earliest luxury mountain hotels built by the Canadian Pacific Railway to accommodate the first mountaineers, and tourists exploring the rugged mountains of Western Canada. 


The first of these hotel, Glacier House, formed by accident as a result of solving the problem caused by the trains unable to pull heavy dining cars up the steep mountain passes.  The dining car was placed strategically at the top of Rogers Pass for passengers to eat their meals. Initially a few chalets where constructed to accommodate overnight guests. Over time the demand grew and Glacier House became the first of Canadian Pacific Railway’s luxury mountain hotels.  Unfortunately after the completion of a tunnel in 1916 bypassed the hotel thus sealing its demise. Now all that remains in the foundation of where it once stood. 


The Banff Springs hotel and Chateau Lake Louise however continued to expand and thrive until this day.  We have the opportunity to stay in these hotels, first at the Banff Springs, and then at the Chateau Lake Louise. Unfortunately the Glacier House doesn't exist anymore, however we will ski past the foundation on one of the many ski tours in Rogers Pass. Let us know if you would like to upgrade the accommodation for your private group and experience this historical luxury.


All + ADD ON's are custom products. Let us know when inquiring about a trip that you would like to upgrade it and we will do our best to make that happen!

1900 CAN per person

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