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Heli Skiing in New Zealand is the best place in the world to get the best bang for your buck without sacrificing safety or quality. With flexible packages and a fair-minded refund policy it's also very easy to commit knowing you won't be paying to sit in a heli ski lodge for a week. 


As an individual you can join an open group of equally skilled and like minded riders, or you and your private group can charter the heli and a guide by the hour.  Our all inclusive packages can be tailored to explore new terrain or to ski as many runs as possible. This gives you the flexibility and control to choose the style of your adventure. 

We also offer heli assisted ski touring in both New Zealand and in Canada.  Some locations have restrictions on heli skiing but not on heli drop offs. This gives you the ability to access some very remote and exclusive zones.  After enjoying a peaceful day of human powered skiing you then have the options to fly home or to overnight in a mountain hut.