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Warning: Heli Skiing is extremely addictive, individuals can become hooked after 1 use. Please consult your financial advisor before undertaking in this activity to make sure that it is right for you. Positive side effects include 100% chance of euphoria, satisfaction, and extreme pleasure.
Negative side effects include addiction, withdrawal, and likely relapse.


Heli skiing is quite simply the ultimate form of downhill skiing or snowboarding. No one ever forgets their first time. The feeling of excited anticipation begins the moment you plan your trip. The energy coursing through your body even before you first step into the helicopter is intoxicating. The intense rush of adrenaline as the helicopter lands and you step out into the deep dry powder snow. That's when you realise.... ski resorts will never be the same again. 


Aurora Backcountry operates in both hemispheres allowing almost a full year of heli skiing opportunities. We collaborate with multiple permitted heli skiing partners and through them we offer day trips and all inclusive multi day packages for individuals or groups, and even customise your experience to your needs.

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