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Ancient Cultures under the Roof of the World

These are the mountains that legends are made of. The Yeti, Edmond Hillary and the elusive Snow Leopard have all called the Himalaya home at one point in time. The Nepalese Himalaya, known as the roof of the world, aren’t just legendary peaks of the past. In fact, they are the youngest mountain chain on earth and home to some of it’s friendliest people. There is a mountain culture as old as the rock the peaks are made of.   


Trekking in Nepal is a life altering event. Nothing will look the same after you’ve craned your neck to the skies to see the world’s highest peaks, experienced the kindness of the locals and felt the breeze at 5,000m. Each valley offers a different peak, a different temple and an entirely different experience, one that will last a lifetime.   


In our opinion, the best treks in Nepal are The Everest Base Camp and two passes, the Annapurna Circuit and the Manaslu Circuit. Each one of our Nepal based trips can be customised to meet your request, with additional side trips that would be worthy of stand alone trips in their own right.

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