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The whole town, gone in 90 seconds :(

The Powder Highway weaves through substantial mining and railway history from a time when Canada was still being discovered by the early pioneers and prospectors. Small ghost towns give a glimpse of what life was like during the gold and silver boom of the late 1800's.  One of the most interesting historical events in the area is the great Frank Slide of 1903.  

As a result of many factors including over mining, an entire mountain collapsed and buried the small town of Frank. We actually get to drive through the rubble of this catastrophic disaster. There is a historical museum on site that is dedicated to the Frank Slide that is quite interesting and worth the rest stop on our last day to Calgary. This add-on only costs the small admission fee to the museum. Definitely worth it if you are interested in History.


All + ADD ON's are custom products. Let us know when inquiring about a trip that you would like to upgrade it and we will do our best to make that happen!

Price upon request

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