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Cat Skiing in Fernie

Our last destination on the Powder Highway is Fernie. It is located in the Rocky Mountains and has some amazing snow cat skiing. With advance notice we can book a day with a few of the local companies. The best thing about cat skiing is that we can do it during any weather as opposed heli skiing which requires good weather for the helicopter to fly. 


On the last day you may be feeling a little tired so riding to the top of the mountain in a snow cat might just be the kind of day you need to finish off your trip! Make sure you mention this when booking so we can secure the cat skiing before they sell out. Prices per person are determined at the time of booking and the number of people.  


All + ADD ON's are custom products. Let us know when inquiring about a trip that you would like to upgrade it and we will do our best to make that happen!

Price upon request

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