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If there is ever a season to avoid the ski hills, this is the one!

The Aurora Backcountry Pass is perfect for all Ski Tourers and Split-Boarders that are looking to get after it this season, gain valuable backcountry experience, maintain natural social distancing and avoid the crowded ski hills.


Sounds pretty ideal? We agree. Check out our Price plans Below!


– 8 Day Spring pass -

Due to popular demand we have created the ultimate spring pass for you. The Aurora Backcountry Spring Pass is now good during the WEEKDAYS!!
Tour more than 5 days to see a return on your investment. 


Still unsure? Sign up, download the App and ask the rest of the team what they think.

– Day Pass -

Don't have time to commit to 8 days but still want to join one of our trips? No problem, we have a day pass for you.
Sign up, download the App, and join the community. Stay informed on the trips and join any that fits your schedule. 


Flexibility in your hands!

Sign up and tour any day of the week for 8 days!


$1290.00 + gst


BUY NOW and join a trip any day of the week for March and April!

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    All The Enthusiast pass holders get 50% off The North Face.

    One purchase only

  • 109262871_160666458852733_68511310417541


    The Enthusiast pass holders get 15% off on a brand new pair of FOON Skis!

    Locally made, locally used

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    Get 20 % off one purchase of in stock products. Maximum order of 2500 CAD. Expires December 31, 2020.

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    All our pass holders get 10% off on rental gear, clothing & accessories.

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    The Enthusiast pass holders get 50% off when they buy two sets of socks. The Recreationalists get 20 % off one pair of socks.

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    Feet can be tricky. That's why we hooked up with Surefoot to make sure all our pass holders get a sweet deal if they need some boot fitting.

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    20% OFF

    Buying boots is just a start. This is the next step. Intuition gives all our pass holders 20% off custom moldable liners.

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    10% OFF

    Some days you need that extra TLC to get your body ready for the next adventure. All pass holders get 10% off at Scandinavian Spa in Whistler!



Frequently Asked Questions

How does the booking process work?

1. Select which price plan suits your needs 2. Go through the payment process and Log In 3. Download the Wix App and join Aurora Backcountry (message us to request an App invite)
4. To Log in via the website click the icon button at the top right of the website screen. You can check your account info and bookings here.
5. After you have booked your day you will receive an email with information such as your guides name, meeting location, and skiing location. Any special equipment required such as glacial travel gear can be found here too.
6. Feel free to call your guide directly if you prefer a more human experience.

Where do the trips go?

Conditions in the backcountry are constantly changing. Your certified guide will determine where your trip will go based on the number of participants, avalanche conditions, and snow quality. This ensures that we go to the absolute best locations. We do our best to keep away from the popular touring locations.

Can I choose my Guide?

Unfortunately No. However it doesn't hurt to ask :)

Guides will be determined by their availability and teamed up with groups based on group ability and trip complexity.

How do I get the Aurora Backcountry Wix App on my phone?

After you have signed up and created an account message us via the website. We will send you an Invite Code.

1. Download the App
2. Make sure you sign in with your existing login, otherwise you will create a new account 3. Play around with the app, see all the trips, meet all the other pass holders and have some fun!

I am concerned about Covid-19, mixed groups make me nervous?

Great question, we have also spent a lot of time thinking about this. During our trips we do the following to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19:

- We space out. In the backcountry we always stay more than 2m away from eachother.
- We do not share vehicles. All passholders must car pool within their socal circles.
- All guests must stay home if they are feeling unwell. Guides will be hyper aware of any guest that exibits Covid-19 symptoms and have the authority to refuse them from joining the trip... even in the parking lot.
- All our Guides are professional and keep to their inner social circle. If a Guide feels unwell they are responsible to remove themselves from the schedule immediately.

In addition, we will be monitoring the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic and adjust our approach appropriately as authorities dictate. If you have anymore questions or concerns regarding Covid-19 please feel free to contact us.

Can my 16 year old daughter/son join?

Yes. If your child has a valid drivers licence they may join on their own.

Their parents or guardian must first sign their backcountry waiver. Any child under the age of 16 must have a parent or gaurdian accompany them.

If we use a helicopter to access the backcountry is it also included in the price?

No. The Aurora Backcountry Pass is for Guiding only. We can definitely charter a helicopter to access some amazing terrain. The cost will be split between the group. If the group is mixed, all persons must wear a face mask for the helicopter ride.

Can the group request a location for the trip?

Absolutely! Choose an area anywhere between Squamish and the Duffy Lake area. Ultimately the guide will have the last say.

What if the weather is too bad to ski?

Our Guides are experts in planning our days and choosing great locations to ski even if the weather is poor.

If you have purchased the Aurora Enthusiast Pass, you have access to poor weather activities. Your guide will organise a knowledge or skill session such as a crevasse rescue course or an avalanche knowledge slideshow.

This seems like a great gift idea. Can I buy this as a gift for someone?


Please contact us directly if you wish to purchase an Aurora Backcountry Pass for someone.
We will process your payment, then we will create an account using the person's name. We will email you their login lnfo to present as a gift.

Please contact us at: info@aurorabackcountry.com

What ability do I need to be to join a group?

If you can ski or snowboard confidently in powder snow down a blue run at the ski hill, then you can join us in the backcountry.

Do unused days from my Winter Pass transfer over to spring?

Unfortunatley not.. However all of our current Winter Pass holders will get a discount on the Spring Pass!